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Landlords, investors and property managers have reservations about the looming eviction ban. Ontario declared its second state of emergency and issued a stay-at-home order effective January 14. With many new restrictions and many people unable to return to work in the current, there are many ambiguities and questions from landlords and tenants alike. Unfortunately, with the current cases we have in Toronto on the brink of overwhelming our hospitals, we have no choice but to comply and do all that we can to lower our daily cases and stop the spread of Covid-19. This doesn’t ease the concerns of many landlords in Toronto as a second eviction moratorium looms. 

Along with the stay-at-home order, Doug Ford promised that a second eviction moratorium was on its way at his press release on Tuesday January 12 but provided little detail on what the second moratorium would look like. A lot of confusion has followed with misinformation being given and further details being promised by the end of the week. It has left a lot of tenants and landlords very nervous about the new restrictions. The ambiguity makes it difficult to predict what the next few months will look like for Toronto landlords. 

It is understandable why a second eviction moratorium is on the horizon when a stay-at-home order has been issued to the province. However, investors, landlords and property managers are concerned about the effects of another moratoriumwhile we are still dealing with the backlog from the previous one. Toronto’s landlords already have enough trouble evicting tenants without an eviction ban. WIth another moratorium in place, tenants who display bad behaviour which, more often than not, negatively affects their neighbours, are now able to stay and continue their disruptive actions. Some tenants are also choosing not to pay rent even if they have such a capacity to do so, effectively taking advantage of a system in place for those who cannot pay due to the pandemic. 

With such a burden on Toronto’s landlords already in effect, a new moratorium on evictions will strain them even further. It will also negatively affect our communities by allowing poorly behaved tenants to continue with their disruptive behaviour. There needs to be more clarity around a new moratorium and better controls for landlords to take care of their properties and communities in this difficult time. Whether you’re a tenant or landlord, if you’re in need, reach out to Leonard. We want to help regardless of which side of the spectrum you’re on.


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