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Greenwood and Coxwell is a neighbourhood in Toronto’s east-end with a strong sense of community. The area is home to many long-time residents who have deep roots in the neighbourhood, as well as newcomers attracted by its friendly atmosphere and affordable real estate. The Greenwood and Coxwell neighbourhood is considered to be relatively affordable compared to other neighbourhoods in Toronto. The average home price in the area is around $900,000, which is lower than the Toronto average. The community is known for its active and engaged residents, who are passionate about improving their neighbourhood and making it an even better place to live.

The future of the Greenwood and Coxwell neighbourhood looks bright as it continues to develop and grow. In recent years, the neighbourhood has seen an increase in new businesses, cafes, and restaurants along the Danforth strip, adding to its already vibrant community.

Greenwood and Coxwell is also home to several beautiful parks, including Greenwood Park and Monarch Park, both of which offer plenty of green space and recreational facilities for residents to enjoy. The neighbourhood is also known for its diverse range of cafes and restaurants, offering everything from classic Italian fare to trendy brunch spots. Shopping options include local boutiques, independent grocery stores, and larger chain retailers, ensuring that residents have access to all the amenities they need within the neighbourhood. With its strong community spirit, affordable real estate, and convenient location, Greenwood and Coxwell is a neighbourhood that is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.

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