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Palmerston-Little Italy

Palmerston/Little Italy is a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood located in the west end of Toronto, known for its eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and cafes that reflect the area’s Italian heritage. The neighbourhood is home to a mix of residential properties, including Victorian and Edwardian-style homes, semi-detached and detached houses, as well as new condominium buildings. These properties are highly sought after, and the area has seen significant gentrification in recent years.

Residents of Palmerston/Little Italy are diverse, including young professionals, families, and older adults. The area has a strong Italian community, but it is also known for its cultural diversity, with a mix of Latin American, Portuguese, and Asian communities. There is no shortage of dining options in Palmerston/Little Italy, with a wide range of Italian restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. The neighbourhood is also known for its green spaces, including Christie Pits Park, which offers sports fields, a swimming pool, and an ice rink.

Palmerston/Little Italy is a dynamic and eclectic neighbourhood that offers a mix of Italian heritage and cultural diversity. Its range of homes, dining options, shopping opportunities, and festivals make it an attractive destination to call home.

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