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Our Process

Our goal is SIMPLE. We want to maximize the sale for you and your family.


Purchasing an investment property can produce significantly more income than traditional passive investments. Best of all, (more importantly) you can do it on your own terms instead of relying on a third party to handle your money.

Whether you are looking to build your investment portfolio or find your dream home, you will always benefit from real investment insight and my focus on you and your wealth.

Leonard Fridman, Broker & Managing Partner @ Fridman Toronto

Our Selling Model

When it comes to execution, there are several key components to keep in mind. From open hours to private showings and advertising, a comprehensive approach can help get your property sold quickly and efficiently.

1. Evaluate

Assess The Situation & Access The Value

2. Strategize

Client & Leonard Collaborate On The Strategy

3. Execute

Open Hours, Private Showings & Advertising

We ensure to maximize the sale through strategized pricing, improvements, timing and marketing.

Keys To Success

Our unique approach allows you the flexibility to assess potential investments, while Leonard’s quality expertise offers assurance, security and confidence with your investment decisions. Leonard’s girt and determination to obtain the greatest offers for your dream property will give you clarity and peace of mind that your future is in the best hands.

1. Contact Leonard + The Fridman Team

2. Sign A Listing Agreement

3. Receive The Keys To A New Life

Real Estate Retirement Plan

When the prospect of retire is brought up in conversation, many of us bury our heads in our hands. “I’ll be prepared someday” we say. “Eventually I will have the perfect nest egg.” The reality is that this is not the case. In fact, chances are you’ve already cracked open the egg and fried it.

Never panic, there is always a way to feel confident in your retirement plan.

Looking For Something Specific?

Reach out directly for any additional inquiries and/or property details.