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You’ve seen beautiful, pristine homes plastered everywhere. On real estate sites, Facebook, Instagram, magazines and television – they’re everywhere. The homes look amazing and probably cost a lot. Well, that’s the point. They are made to look that way. Staging is the process of decorating, styling, rearranging furniture, painting, designing and dressing up a home to make it look amazing for listing photos and visits from potential buyers. It’s an effective marketing tool that can completely transform a house and directly benefit the seller. It’s something the Fridman Team knows how to do well and knows how to make it as smooth and easy as possible for you. 

Staging and styling your home for selling can dramatically improve your profit if done right. It can also be a means to turn around a sale that may be stagnant. You can draw more buyers online with beautiful photos and wow your audience that visits your home. A survey by the National Association of Realtors revealed that 31% of buyers increased their offer on a home that was staged and 40% of buyers were more willing to visit a staged home they found online. An additional study by Curtin University of Technology found that Feng Shui, the art of arranging a home’s layout to make way for energy flow, has a positive effect on the sale price of homes. Even minor touch ups can make your home sell faster. One of the Fridman Team’s listings had a fresh coat of paint and was decluttered and sold in just 9 days for way over its asking price.

Staging a home can be a big or small project depending on the home. Your realtor should be able to give you a good idea on what scale and scope your looking at when doing a walkthrough. The Fridman Team will always have an agent do a walkthrough of your home to assess the scope and size of the project. Some homes may not require staging at all, sometimes it can be as simple as tidying up and slapping on a fresh coat of paint. However, some homes may need more love and care. A professional stager and stylist may need to be recruited. With a professional stager, you may have access to proper staging furniture as well as connections to painters, cleaners, carpenters and other trade specialists. Your personal furniture may also be used in the staging of your home. 

The basics of home staging require a few things. First thing’s first, everything will need to be cleaned. Cleaned, cleaned and cleaned again until it’s spotless. All of your personal items and sentimental belongings will likely need to be removed. Decluttering is a cornerstone of effective staging. Furniture will need to be moved and rearranged in order to create an ideal layout that enhances the space and features of your home. This process can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the size and scope of your project. The key is to be patient and work with your stager and stylist to get the work done. 

So this sounds like a lot of work. You may ask if it’s really worth it? Absolutely. Based on research by NAR, potential buyers are 31% more likely to increase their offer up to 5% more on a staged home. That adds up. You can easily entice more potential buyers to visit your home if it is staged. Whether you are in a slow market or a busy market, staging helps move properties. When selling a staged house, you are selling lifestyle to prospective buyers. Staging helps those potential buyers envision their own lives in the property which in turn can increase the chance of a bidding war. 

Staging is a great tool to have in your arsenal when it comes to selling your home. You can maximise your profit and speed up the time your property is on the market as well. It’s a marketing tactic more sellers should use and doesn’t always require extensive work. Contact a Fridman agent today to find out more. 

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